Nashville Scene Critics’ Pick

Carrie McGee and Jeri Eisenberg at Cumberland Gallery
Artist Carrie McGee is one of my Cumberland Gallery favorites, and her stained and painted assemblages of acrylic tiles can be found in collections and displays all over the city. For years, McGee has wired her works together in suspended grids and columns that speak to both the practice of hanging paintings on walls as well as to the silent omnipresence of gravity. I’m anxious to see this show of new work, because it features a novel twist on the familiar aesthetic and repackages McGee’s translucent, colorful abstractions in the form of stacked cubes. Also in the gallery is Jeri Eisenberg, who uses an oversized pinhole camera and out-of-focus lenses to capture images of flowers and foliage, which she then infuses with encaustic wax and prints on sheets of Japanese paper. The results are sensuous studies of the ephemerality of memory.
— Joe Nolan